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Thursday, September 24, 2009 Review

I use I don't know if anyone else does. The primary use I have for it is to cross-check it against my music collection, to make sure that I have absolutely every single bollywood songs by the bollywood movies, and bands that I love. Additionally, if I'm in one of those moods to categorize my music, I'll use as a guide for genres and styles.

Once in a while I'd read the snippets about artists too, but generally it's better to rely on Wikipedia for that, as I tend to get distracted by the highlighting of other bands' names in the text. As well, I don't like having to click on "read more". I just sought out that one artist, isn't it slightly obvious that I would want to read more??? It makes zero sense for me to target one thing in particular and then have to click on a link to read more about it. also has a section for music reviews, mobile videos, ringtones, flash games and much more.

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