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Thursday, January 31, 2008

About Bollywood,Pakistani Music

For those of us located in the Western portion of the world, we often think of all things
Eastern as being very similar to each other. However, when you are talking about Indian and
Pakistani music
, movies, and music videos, nothing could be farther from the truth.
One glaring example of this difference is the music videos made in India and Pakistan from
their popular film soundtracks. While both types of music play a big part in the movies of
the countries, India’s Bollywood songs and the music of Pakistan are very different indeed.
Pakistani songs generally contain much more meaning and less of the typical Bollywood overly
melodic dance numbers and sounds in their songs. This can easily be seen in the online music
videos of both regions. While viewing online videos of Bollywood songs and Pakistani songs
you can clearly see differences in the two. Bollywood songs tend to have more skin showing
in their videos than do those of Pakistani songs. This is a direct result of the fact that
Bollywood movies are much more tolerant of the showing of skin and sexual overtones than those made in Pakistan.

The Pakistani people tend to be much more traditional in their views than those of current
day India.

As well, while watching online videos of both you quickly notice that where Bollywood
are overly dramatic and have production dance numbers in them, Pakistani songstend to
contain more of a meaningful storyline. The Pakistani musicand video makers have their own
style which does not rely on large dance numbers to get their point across to viewers. With
the explosion of the Internet, and the ease of availability of online videos, it is much
easier today for people all over the world to view music videos and listen to the songs
coming out of both India and Pakistan.

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